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There's a better way to purchase cannabis: Experience the best in state - delivered right to your door


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Cannabis home delivery is here and we've got your back! We hand-select the best of the best and deliver it right to your door. With us, you can:

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An "OG" Adult-Use Cannabis Home Delivery Service


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Delivering more than just luck

Social Equity Operator

  • Get your order within 1-2 hours (Yeah, we’re fast.)
  • Schedule your delivery in advance at a time that works for you (You’re the boss.)
  • Sign up for our subscription program and get regular deliveries that you can set and forget (Now that is what we call convenience.)

Think: Mobile One-Stop-Pot-Shop

We’re OGs.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Lucky Green Ladies has direct Legacy Market experience, which means we were doing this before it was cool. So, we know how it’s done.

We’re purpose-driven.

Community comes first. Our Founder and CEO, Alissa Nowak, was directly impacted by the War on Drugs. As a result, we are driven by the mission to help Legacy Market participants transition to the regulated market by offering one-on-one mentorship and educational programs.

We’re earth-friendly.

There is no Planet B. Lucky 
Green Ladies is committed to being green across all our operations. From active plastic waste reduction to ocean-bound sustainable packaging, sustainability is central to who we are.

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We’re always looking for new talent to grow our team at Lucky Green Ladies. If you’re interested in employment opportunities with us, send us a resume at

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There's a better way to purchase cannabis: Experience the best in state - delivered right to your door

An "OG" Adult-Use Cannabis Home Delivery Service

License: MD1282

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We are:

Discreet - Compliant - Safe - Efficient

Coming Summer 2023